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The following is a letter I sent to a woman I know - she wants to book
the Creek House for a family gathering, and wrote to me saying that it was hard to Motivate her group...
This was my response.  I hope you enjoy!


downstairs suite....

upstairs suite...

Jacuzzi bathtub-for-two in *both* master suites (and robes, of course)
splendid-robes.jpg is under a skylight...

More skylights in the upstairs living room
1-060901 1138.jpg

1-060901 1137.JPG

Fireplaces in both living rooms
living room fireplace.jpg1-living room skylights.jpg060415 Creeksong Suite Jacuzzi bath 2734.JPG

Every room opens to the creek... every room has a view...
1-Creek House progress 0067.jpg2-060813 The NEW Retreat 0160.JPG0507 Creek House 0057.jpgcreekhouse-dining2.jpg

And that dining room table opens up to an *enormous* 5'x5'.  (Ordinary square tables are 4'x4'.  This *very* comfortably seats eight people, although we had a ridiculous and hilarious time putting 13 there once.  It wasn't pretty.  And we were SO squished.  It was a blast.  And there was still plenty of room in the middle –since it opens to a big square- for all the food.  And wine.  Lots of wine.  But not all of it!  Ahem.  Did I mention it was fun?)

There just isn't any place better for a holiday gathering.  It's usually rented by now for Thanksgiving, but that will come soon enough, I'm guessing.  Christmas, too.  We closed down last Christmas and brought home all the kids and grands and piled them everywhere (ergo the table story).  Wonderful time.

With luck, you will get a snow!  Doesn't stick around long enough in November to interfere with travel, but it is OH so pretty when it's falling.

All right.  I'll stop.  You can probably tell I like the place.  And you've certainly got enough fodder here for motivation, LOL! J




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